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To help your pupils understand the basic skills, we can offer you a 90 minute  hands-on workshop, a half day or even a full day on one of the following periods:

Stone Age

Bronze Age

Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Greek

Iron Age/Celt





Other topics that we offer are as follows:

Forensic Science: Who were you? - A skeleton has been found at the school. Pupils look at a variety of evidence to identify a person of the past from age, gender, possible trade and cause of death.

Rot or Not - looks at what Archaeology may remain and the types of materials that would have been found had they not rotted away.

Marine Archaeology - a look at underwater archaeology

Lost Luggage - how we can learn about the life of a person from the belongings they have left.

Facial Reconstruction - Have a go at reconstructing facial features.

Rubbish - what we can learn from historical rubbish

Toilet Humour - examining the toilet waste of our ancestors

Clothing line - how fashion has changed through the ages

Maps - discover how an area can change from looking at maps

Murder Mystery - look at the evidence given and not only find out the identity of the victim but also work out the clues to find out who committed the crime.

Grave Yard Interpretation - how graves can give lots of useful information as well as piece together family trees.

War Memorials - How we can  learn more about the names listed, and how they affected life within a community.

Mystery Artefact Analysis - Can you work out what the mystery objects are, what they were made from and what they were used for?

The Victorian Archaeologist - Who were they and what did they achieve?

Archaeology on your doorstep - Local history Study

Death, Dying and Burials - how burials change through the ages

Order! Order! - Rich or poor, male or female, old or young…..Can you match the items into the order they belong in?

A fantastic day and it was great that the children got to handle REAL archaeology and compare it to replica items. Which helps their understanding. The toilet humour session was definitely very funny for which the children are still talking about it now!

Just wanted to say a really big thank you for today. The children really enjoyed it and got loads out of it. We are really looking forward to doing some amazing follow up work with them tomorrow.

Lyppard Grange Primary School