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We can offer you any of the following hands-on workshops for 90 minutes on:

Everyday life and living

Childhood & Pastimes


Wash Day

Medicine & Surgery

Crime & Punishment

Industrial Revolution

Victorian Navy

Queen Victoria

Victorian Easter

Victorian Christmas

Seaside Holidays

Education & Schooling

Life at the Work House

Paintings & Portraits

Grace Darling

Recycling & Sustainability

Florence Nightingale

The role of Domestic Service

Weapons & warfare

The Great Exhibition

Food & Cooking


The Zulu War

Canals Vs Railways: The Debate

Battle of Isandlwana 1879

The Abolition of the Corn Law

Tolpuddle Martyrs

The Crimean War

The Boer War

Mary Seacole

George Eliot

Annie Besant

James Watt

George Stephenson

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

William Gladstone

Benjamin Disraeli

The Railways

We also offer practical sessions lasting 60 minutes on any of the following:

Rifle Drill

Writing (with dip pens and slates)

Brick making

We can even offer you half day or a full day festival.
This session is based on us spending either half a day or even a full day at your school where your pupils have the opportunity to participate with a variety of themed activities, games, workshops and practical sessions. This day is set around the normal working day at the school for your class/year group, where we deliver a timetable of activities agreed by yourself. Year groups can be catered for subject to our staff availability.

Super day and everything I wanted!
Winterfold House School

How about a walk around Worcester with...

The Victorian Story

Discover the age of industry with an employee of Worcester company, Hardy & Padmore. Follow the changes to the city that took place during this time, with foundries and breweries lining your route. Amongst the commerce, however, there was a darker side...