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               DOOMED, DEAD & BURIED

On all of our tours, we always encourage you to look up. This tour is very different though as we want you to look down and think about what, or rather who, may be beneath your feet!

From Celtic horse burials to the Cholera and Plague pits as well as the dead from the English Civil War, discover why they ended up where they did as well as where they may be now.

Date of scheduled tour: None at present, but this tour can be booked upon request at a time to suit you and subject to guide availability.

Meeting Place: Guildhall, High Street, Worcester WR1 2EY

Length of Tour: 90 minutes

Suitable for: All ages and  abilities

Available: All year round, at a time to suit you and subject to guide availability.

Minimum Number: 1

Maximum Number: 50

Cost: £7.50 per person. Group rates are available upon request.

Please note our telephone number (07949 222137) to alert us if you are running late for a tour. If you are late then we reserve the right to shorten your tour. This can be necessary as the guide may have a later tour to take and is unable to wait on for you. If you have not appeared 10 minutes after the due start of your tour and you have not contacted us, the guide is authorised to leave without you.