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We can offer you any of the following hands-on workshops for 90 minutes on:

Everyday life and living

Weapons & warfare


Medicine & surgery

The Olympic Games


Music & Dance

The Theatre

Education & Schooling

Technology and Travel


Recycling & Sustainability


Athens Vs Sparta

The Battle of Thermoplae 480BC

Childhood & pastimes

Food & Feasting


We also offer practical sessions lasting 60 minutes on any of the following:


Spear and Shield drill

Pike Drill

Sword Fighting

We can even offer you half day or a full day festival.
This session is based on us spending either half a day or even a full day at your school where your pupils have the opportunity to participate with a variety of themed activities, games, workshops and practical sessions. This day is set around the normal working day at the school for your class/year group, where we deliver a timetable of activities agreed by yourself. Year groups can be catered for subject to our staff availability.

Very informative & hands on

Bantock Primary School

Thank you very much for the great day we had on Monday. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. It has got to be the best history lesson outdoors EVER!

Pupils from St Bede’s RC Middle School