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We can offer you any of the following hands-on workshops for 90 minutes on:

Everyday life and living

Weapons & warfare


Medicine & surgery

Battle of Flodden 1514

Exploration & Discoveries


The Tudor Navy

Education & Schooling

A Tudor Banquet

Spies & Spying

Paintings & Portraits

Tudor Christmas

Henry VIII & his six wives

The Church & Religion

Crime & Punishment

The Spanish Armada 1588

Childhood & pastimes

Recycling & Sustainability

Food & Cooking

William Shakespeare

Francis Bacon

Elizabeth I


Christopher Columbus


Edward Winslow

Pieter Breugel the Elder

Henry VII

Mary I

Dissolution of the Monasteries

We also offer practical sessions lasting 60 minutes on any of the following:


Cannon Loading

Bill Drill

Pike Drill

Musket Drill

Wattle & Daub

Brick Making

Illuminated Lettering

Gargoyle Making

Sword Fighting

We can even offer you half day or a full day festival.
This session is based on us spending either half a day or even a full day at your school where your pupils have the opportunity to participate with a variety of themed activities, games, workshops and practical sessions. This day is set around the normal working day at the school for your class/year group, where we deliver a timetable of activities agreed by yourself. Year groups can be catered for subject to our staff availability.
Very informative and I never knew so many of our Christmas traditions can be dated as far back as the Tudors
St Bedes Catholic School

How about a walk around Worcester with...

The Tudor Story

Find out what life was like 500 years ago when toilet waste was thrown into the streets and pigs roamed freely in the Shambles! See buildings that survived the dissolution of the monasteries, which Elizabeth I would have seen on her visit to Worcester in 1575 .

Excellent workshop. It was fantastic!

Badsey First School

Thank so much Paul and Helen for the wonderful Tudor Exploration experience you gave my year 4's on Wednesday....they thoroughly enjoyed it and have written all about it in a piece of reflective writing. They can't wait for you to come back!!!

Holy Trinty International School