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We can offer you the following 90 minute hands on workshops:

The Gun Powder Plot

Great Fire of London

The Black Death

The Peasants Revolt

The Spanish Armada

The Plague

Sinking of the Titanic

The Greek Olympics


The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

The Industrial Revolution

The discovery of Tutankhamen


The Great Exhibition

May day

Oak Apple Day

We can even offer you half day or a full day festival.
This session is based on us spending either half a day or even a full day at your school where your pupils have the opportunity to participate with a variety of themed activities, games, workshops and practical sessions. This day is set around the normal working day at the school for your class/year group, where we deliver a timetable of activities agreed by yourself. Year groups can be catered for subject to our staff availability.

We thoroughly enjoyed the session and the children learned such a lot about the Great Fire of London.

Sytchampton Endowed First School

Paul knows exactly how to engage the children and bring history to life.

Worcestershire Home Educators

One of the best visits I have ever been involved with containing an excellent programme of activities. Paul was fantastic and the children responded well to the activities.  It was interesting, educational and exciting!

Wolverley Sebright Primary School