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1920s & 1930s

We can offer to your site the following living history:

Military: Infantryman & machine gunner, International brigade of the Spanish Civil War, Royal Navy & RAF.

Civilian everyday life and living: cooking, homes & lighting, pastimes, toys and childhood, perfume & cosmetics.

Below Stairs: dairy, laundry, scullery maid, butler, footman, cook, nursery.

Events: Tea party, Christmas, Easter, seaside holidays.

Trades: farming,  fishing, trader, teacher, shop keeper, servant, inn keeper, Egyptologists, antiquarians and archaeologists, builder.

Crafts: Dyeing, weaving, braiding, spinning.

Medical:  Chemist, physician, barber, surgeon, doctor, field hospital, dentist, Midwifery.

Crime & Punishment:  policeman, conspirators, gaoler, executioner.

Famous Characters: Howard Carter

Fashion presentations: Clothes, accessories, hair & make up to presentations including: “what a load of pants” - a historical look at underpants,  “fashions below stairs”- a look at domestic service, “sporting fashion” - fashion for sport or “It kills to look this good” - a look at the dangerous things used to look beautiful

Recycle & sustainability: a look at how our ancestors never wasted anything.

 Strolling Characters: Roam your attraction chatting to visitors

A huge thanks for Saturday and I really hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. The final numbers for the day, according to STEAM, were 2833 which shows a real appetite for these events. I was really impressed with what you offered and the flexibility in helping me out with last minute problems, including running the fashion show!

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