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We can offer to your site the following living history:

Military: Legionary, Auxiliary, Archer, Cavalry, slinger, sailor.

Civilian everyday life and living: cooking, homes & lighting, pastimes, toys and childhood, perfume & cosmetics, writing.

Trades: inn keeper, fireman, teacher, farming,  trader, fishing, gardeners, builder, baker, light house keeper.

Fashion: Clothes, accessories, hair & make up to presentations including: “what a load of pants”- a historical look at underpants and “It kills to look this good” - a look at the dangerous things used to look beautiful.

Medical: Surgeon, midwifery.

 Worst Jobs: in children's history

Recycle & sustainability: a look at how our ancestors never wasted anything

Practical sessions: have-a-go archery, spear & shield drill, sword fighting and craft activities

Events: Saturnalia festival, Feasting, burials

Crafts: Dyeing, weaving, braiding, spinning, Wattle & Daub, brick making demonstrations.

 Strolling Characters: Roam your attraction chatting to visitors

Presentations: The Horrid History of Food.

Thank you very much for your fabulous presence and entertainment at the anniversary celebrations at Chedworth Roman Villa!

It was a pleasure to have your company here.