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we can offer you any of the following  hands on talks:

Everyday life and living

Weapons & warfare

Vikings In Worcester

Vikings in Worcestershire

Childhood & Pastimes

Medicine & surgery


Festival of Yule

The Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066



Alfred the Great

Crime & Punishment

Food & feasting




Harold Hardrada

How about a slide show or a walk around Worcester with one of these...

The Worcester Story
Do you want to find out more about the historic city of Worcester? Then come and join one of our costumed guides as they walk you through the days of yesteryear, allowing you to relive the Worcester Story and the making of a Cathedral City. Hear about the Romans, the devastating Viking raids, Elizabeth I and her visit to the city in 1575 and the bloody battle of Worcester that took place in 1651.

Our Defended City
A defended settlement since the Iron Age, follow the history of the City’s defences through the ages, right up to its modern day flood defences. You will see how the City has been protected by (and from!) Roman Legions,Vikings and roaming Civil War armies, and get a close up look at its 13th Century city walls.

The Severn Story
The longest river in Britain was the site of the earliest activity in Worcester. Wander along the river’s edge to hear tales of thirsty mammoths, salmon fishermen, smuggling and the goddess Sabrina. You will hear how this famous waterway has played its part in the development of trade in the city and communication with the rest of the world.

The Early Story
Worcester is an ancient City. Archaeologically, Worcester saw Mesolithic hunters who came to the banks of the River Severn to hunt woolly Mammoth and Reindeer. Eventually people settled in Worcester and built homes. Why did they settle and how did they cope with the Roman Invasion and Danish raids.The tour takes in sites associated with early Worcester. Most of which are now buried below our feet.

Very lively and you bring history to life! Its great to be able to handle the artefacts. You have an attractive sense of humour and you are able to relate to all ages within your audience. An excellent evening, thank you!

Pershore Thursday Club