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We can offer to your site the following living history:

Everyday life and living: A look at how our ancestors lived through what they wore, what they ate and how they lived.

Jobs: cooking, hunting and gathering, fishing.

Events: burials

Famous character:  Amesbury Archer.

Practical session: have-a-go archery, wattle & daub, and craft activities

Fashion:  presentations

Presentations: The Horrid History of food

Recycle & sustainability: a look at how our ancestors never wasted anything

 Strolling Characters: Roam your attraction chatting to visitors

Discover History is an excellent resource who we have used on several occasions to supply accurate historical interpretation alongside our museum collections. Last year they worked for us to provide a real life element to our Bronze and Stone Age event which was partly funded through the BBC. Following the event we received numerous compliments, the majority of which mentioned the interaction with Discover History as being something that they had really enjoyed. I will certainly be booking them to work with the museum service again the future.

Michelle Alexander
Manager of Museums & Natural Environment
Warwickshire County Council