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We can offer you any of the following talks:

Everyday life & living

Childhood & pastimes

Oak Apple Day

Medicine & Surgery

The Great Fire of London

From Parliament to Royal Army

The Plague



Frost Fayre

Food & Feasting

How about a slide show or a walk around Worcester with one of these...

The Faithful Story
Relive Worcester's past during the English civil wars through tales of the struggles between king and Parliament, played out on the very streets you are walking along! Discover Prince Rupert’s plans for the crumbling walls, look down on the city from Fort Royal & hear of the vandalism of the Parliamentarian forces in the cathedral.

The Battlefield Story
This is a half-day, five mile tour of the fields where the first (1642) and final (1651) battles of the English Civil War took place. Follow the route of the Royalist forces, cross the meadows alongside the rivers Severn and Teme, stand where the famous bridge of boats may have stood and walk across the very bridge at Powick that once rang out with the sound of cavalry horses as they heralded the start of one of the most important periods of our history.

On behalf of the club members may
I thank you for the interesting and amusing talk you gave this morning.
I am pleased to say that everyone certainly enjoyed your skilful presentation which gave us an excellent mornings entertainment.

The Probus Club of Evesham