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We can offer to your site the following living history:

Military: Infantryman, baggage, Crimea,  Zulu War, Boer War,

Civilian everyday life and living: cooking, homes & lighting, pastimes, toys and childhood, perfume & cosmetics, writing.

Jobs & Trades: High Street Trades, Staff below Stairs, Factory Workers, the Workhouse, work in the Church, Publicans, Parish workers, Jobs at Sea, coal miner, canal worker, Chimney Sweep, fortune teller, Archaeologist or Antiquarian, Undertaker, Mounrner.

Events: Match Women's Strike 1888, tea party, temperance meeting, Christmas, Easter, banquet, seaside holidays, fairground entertainment such as illusions and table tipping, Funeral traditions.

Crafts: Dyeing, weaving, braiding, spinning, fuller, brick making.

Practical sessions: Rifle drill, have-a-go craft activities, fairy hunts.

Medical: wise woman, quack, chemist, physician, barber, surgeon, doctor, field hospital, midwifery, Board of Health.

Crime & Punishment: night watch man, smuggling, policeman, conspirators, gaoler, executioner, customs officer, grave robber.

Famous Characters: Mrs Beeton, Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Grace Darling.

 Worst Jobs: in children's history

Presentations: Food Adulteration, How the Victorian home can kill, Canals vs Railways: The Great Debate. The Horrid History of Food.

Fashion presentations: Clothes, accessories, hair & make up to presentations including “what a load of pants” - a historical look at underpants,  “fashions below stairs”- a look at domestic service, “sporting fashion” - fashion for sport and “It kills to look this good”
- a look at the dangerous things used to look beautiful

Recycle & sustainability: a look at how our ancestors never
wasted anything.

 Strolling Characters: Roam your attraction chatting to visitors

Just wanted again to say thanks for coming in for our Victorian family day, everyone seemed to really enjoy the event and you were great with the families getting them interested in the railway vs canal petition.

Museum of Oxford