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On behalf of the Friends of St Swithun’s and the Churches Conservation Trust, thank you for your participation in the St Swithun’s Festival. We are grateful for the support of Discover History for this lovely building. You added so much colour and interest to the Evensong service which was much appreciated by all.

From strolling characters to an interactive living history set up, from storytelling, fast paced & fun timed presentations to informative guided trails, we offer it all!

We cover a wide portfolio of  historical personalities & themes and thrive on a challenge to meet your needs. No possibility is too much trouble so don't be scared to tell us your ideas as we really would love to take you up on the challenge!

The  list below is purely to give you an idea of what we have previously offered and is in no way everything we can offer. If you have an idea or project in mind, do let us know. We are always up for a challenge!